Solana mainnet wallet balance is not visible

When selecting Solana main network
I can’t swap because I can’t see the balance.
Transmission is not possible
help me

Same issue, bridged to Sol address and still cant see my deposit.

같은현상입니다 솔라나 네트워크만 연결은되었지만 토큰이 0입니다 다른 네트워크는 되는것 같습니다

@Sniper.j , Is this issue still occurring for you?

I transferred some USDT from Binance to my Solana account in Brave wallet.
I can see it in the ledger ( but not from Brave. It shows a balance of $0.00.
I’ve read another post suggesting I clear the wallet transaction and nonce information but makes no difference.
This is the first time I transferred anything to my Brave wallet so bit of a noob. Is there something else I need to do.

My problem resolved itself. About 48 hours after original transfer, the money appeared. I’d tried multiple refreshes before then. Presumably some bug in the UI. I’ve moved my assets out of the Brave wallet. I don’t trust it.

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