Brave wallet is showing zero balance

i had transferred around 12$ in eth from gemini to brave wallet but now it is not showing, after searching at etherscan it shows they have been transferred to another account but there are no transactions in the account sections of brave wallet. can you please help me with that.

Please make sure Eth is in visible assets. If it is and Eth doesn’t show up, let us know, we might have to tag in support team

yes, eth is in visible assets.

@Saoiray @rodrige @Aman_M would you guys know anything that could help?

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First of all, please confirm if you have used the correct network. Did you use Ethereum network or a different one?
if you have used a different network, try to add ETH as custom asset in brave wallet on the network that you have used.

If you see the transaction in etherscan, confirm it has been complete, or if it is still pending.

If you see the transaction in etherscan, compare the wallet address. Is it a different address? If yes, then I am afraid you might have done a mistake and funds are lost.

If the transaction in etherscan is complete and the address is correct, check how much you have paid for gas. $12 in ETH is a very low amount. ETH gas fees are often higher than that.

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all the details are correct and the amount had been credited on my account, as per etherscan and after which it had been transferred to another account from my account. but no details of any transaction is showing in my brave wallet, also i haven’t send any amount anywhere from my wallet.
no sign of any amount none of any transactions.

Could be due to that tx not being initiated from Brave Wallet. A wallet app will only store txs initiated from it.

Could it be that your wallet is compromised (someone else has access to your wallet’s Seed phrase/Private Keys)? There is no otherway a tx would be initiated from your wallet without your knowledge. You should consider shifting to a new address and resetting this one.

that could be, but transaction details are also missing, no sign of any activity is present in my account.

That’s likely if tx was initiated by someone else from a different wallet and not by you. Wallets show natively generated txs while etherescan shows all txs. Like with a Bank Statement compared with transaction history in a UPI app. :wink:

so is there anything that i can do here, or they are just gone.

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If you do not recognise the other account to which this transfer was done, then your funds are irreversibly stolen. Sorry for the loss! Hope that’s the extent of it.

As explained by @Aman_M, if you don’t see the above (malicious?) transaction in Brave Wallet’s Activity tab, that doesn’t mean the transaction did not happen. It probably originated from outside your wallet due to a compromised seed.