Brave wallet not showing sol balance

brave wallet not showing sol balance. shows properly on block explorer.

related to recent chain down time maybe?

@Saoiray any idea who would know what’s going on?

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The UI is not showing my tokens on the Solana mainnet, and when I connect to Defi protocols I cannot move them, an invalid blockhash warning appears. how should I proceed?


i have the same issue. block explorer shows i have my balance, wallet showing 0 (zero) balance.

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Same problem. Is it possible we have to validate are wallets. I really dont know… but having the same problems.

i believe i have the same issue, i also posted here: Brave wallet not showing sol balance

same issue here. Can we open a ticket or something for this.

Also same issue here,

No clue but I’ll tag in @Mattches, @jleonard, @Evan123, and @steeven on this, kind of an “all hands on deck” tag. I’m able to replicate.

Also, I’m about to merge over some other topics to this one I think.

Brave Wallet:

But on SolScan:


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Oh, actually, seems like Solana is down for whatever reason. At least the proxy that’s used for Wallet.

Can see that at so it’s at least kind of seen. But not sure why it’s down or how long it will remain.

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Just got one extra update. Solana as a whole has been down. You can find random articles like which explains about how there was a bug and it’s being worked out on testnet, but not released to mainnet yet.

Guessing we’re just waiting on that. So definitely not a Brave side thing. That said, feedback I’m giving to Brave is that they add some sort of notice within Wallet when this happens, if possible.

I was thinking a notice would be very helpful too! I wrote on reddit about this and the scammers come out of the wood work so it would be a great benefit to the community to be told, Brave is aware of the situation and working on it. So we dont have any guidance on when the issue should be resolved?

@lowner and @Cheesecake23 nothing much known. I’m on the Community Call right now. I mentioned it to Luke Mulks and others. They were ones who filled me in that Solana had been down. But now I’m looking and see Solana is up and running again according to and Luke was saying he can see his Solana in Wallet.

So yeah, we’re trying to figure things out. I’ve tagged the Support and Wallet devs earlier and now passed it on there. I’m sure it’ll be looked into and resolved as possible

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ok, thank you. I believe I see my address with tokens on the solana mainnet. I think it just isnt connecting or visible to the Brave wallet.

Solana’s temporary been down may have triggered this problem in the Brave wallet, but that’s not the reason it’s not working now as I have other wallets like Backpack that are already working normally. but thanks for the effort to solve this!

Saoiray is it possible to be part of the work tickets put out or get updates on the progress. I know you are doing all you can but just not sure what to expect and its been a few hours now that I have not been able to access tokens in wallet. its pretty concerning and would love some status updates if possible.

Hello - Some RPC providers are still recovering from the Solana outage today. It should be resolved soon. Thanks!


Evan, do you know if the issue will be resolved today?

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Just a little reminder, I’m not employed by Brave and only have access to the same information as everyone else. The only difference, if you want to call it that, is I’ve been around a while and tend to know who to tag or message on certain things. But even knowing that often doesn’t mean much.

I’m sure they’ll provide details as they can. Right now I’m not sure how much anyone from Brave can answer as the issue isn’t with Brave. The places where the API are run through is where the holdup would be. That’s what Evan was explaining in that some RPC providers are still recovering.

I’d expect it to be up and running within 24 hours, but not sure how to speak on that.

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Same issue, wtf brave this is a joke! No tokens in wallet, Invalid hash alert when trying to swap on raydium or jupiter. And my tokens just pumped and im locked out…

I hope your sure Evan, In the meantime my tokens just pumped hard im in the green and cant swap them. Im about to lose big gains because of this issue!!! What a joke!!! I will never brave wallet again… Ty!