Balance in Wallet Showing $0

Hi, for the last week my Brave wallet balance is showing as 0. I can see there have been transactions, and some of the balances in crypto are showing in my account (not all of them) however the balance of the account is showing as 0.
I am also not able to connect to dapps anymore.
What to do?

Hello! What version of Brave and OS? What do you see when attempting to connect to dApps?

I am using v1.66.118 with Windows 11.
When I try to connect to dapps the Wallet doesnt pop up like it normally does and so i cant connect. It gives me the option to retry but that doesnt do anything either.
When I click on the wallet icon itself I am able to put in my password and open the wallet, however the wallet balance shows as $0 and many of the assets arent showing. I can see my transaction history however.

Do you have Brave Wallet set to default here? brave://settings/web3

Can you provide a specific dApp you are experiencing this issue on?

You may need to add the assets manually or set them to Visible.


An example dapp is or uniswap.
The assets were always visible, and they seem to still be visible in theory, as I can click the 3 buttons next to it and click on “Hide”).

sorry, I am using Windows 10, not 11