Wallet Swap balances not showing in assets

Sorry to bother you with some questions. Any help would be appreciated. This was my first time using the wallet.

  1. I deposited $150 to my Wallet. It went into one of the accounts I created.
  2. I initiated a swap of Solana for Fluxbot
  3. I accidentally hit the swap 3 times so almost all of the $150 was used.
  4. I see no Fluxbot balance(its been a hour)
  5. My Solana balance is now $5.59
    I assume the rest is what was used for the swap.
    Any idea why I don’t have the rest of my funds showing up in my wallet?
    Is it just too soon to see?
    Thank you,


  • Have you tracked using tx? I mean, does it show complete?

  • Do you have Fluxbot as a visible asset? And if so, is it on the right network? It’s not active by default, meaning it won’t display in Wallet until you search and add it in the menu below:


If you don’t know how to do that, instructions can be found in the links below. (One is official, other is my FAQ)

Similarly, official post is below.

Keep in mind both show you how to navigate to look at assets. Fluxbox should be listed, so you wouldn’t have to go to the final step of adding a custom token.

Hi- ty for the quick reply. I do not know what TX is, but in the wallet, the account says
Solana account
1 swap-
fees etc…then says Confirmed

Yes, I added the Fluxb token to the Solana Mainnet Beta. In that account, I see whats left of my Solana Balance. But, Fluxbot has a 0 balance.
On the portfolio page, it is the same.

Ty again for your help

Hi again.
I wonder if when I made the swap, the assets went to another location. Possible? I assumed it would simply swap the Sol for the Fluxb and the new Fluxb balance would show up in my assets and also back into the same wallet the Solana came out of.
Is that not how it works?

When you do the transaction, it says from my Sol account 1 to another address.

I am so confused.

Hello - If you enter your wallet address in the Solana Explorer, do you see the FLUXB available under your balances? https://solscan.io/account


Yes! I see the transactions, but I don’t know what the info means
I have screenshot of it.

Is that safe to send? Can I crop any info that is not safe to send?




When I open wallet on Brave, it takes me to my Portfolio page.
I see Assets listed
There is money in Sol but none in Fluxb.
Isn’t that my “wallet” balances?

I ask bc when I go to Accounts, I see Sol Account 1 which I set up. There, I see my Solana Balance also.

Is there another “wallet” that may show the Fluxb?

Ty again


Just sent you a DM for follow up. Thanks!

Hi, I am new here, I have the same issue as the OP. I have done 2 successful swaps between SOL and Fluxbot. I can see these on solscan.io. However my brave wallet is not displaying Fluxbot balances. It shows the reduced balance on SOL which was used up to swap. Can you please help? I have added Fluxbot to my wallet using the instructions in the help pages

Hey Evan,

Do you have any update on the missing FLUXB balance in my wallet?
I wonder why it is only Fluxb that doesn’t show up.
I know you escalated the matter.

Did you ever resolve this issue? I just had the same problem

Hey there, I am having the same issue. I see my FluxBot on Solscan.io… how do I get it to my brave account?

Not yet. It’s only FLUXB balance that doesn’t show up… I know they have escalated the issue.


Have you been able to get your FluxB into another wallet?

Thanks for your patience! We’re investigating.

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Hey man, I figured out how to see and hold your FluxBot. If you haven’t already?

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I haven’t figured it out yet. What did you do?

Download a phantom wallet, and connect your brave wallet to your phantom. I did this on my IPhone. When you open your phantom, at the top, click on your wallets name, should say “your accounts”. Then press the + sign in the top right, it’ll take you to “add/connect wallet”. Hit the “import secret recovery phase”. Enter in your word phrase for your brave wallet and bam, there it will be

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