I can not connect Uphold wallet in PC

I have other devices connected to Uphold wallet but I can not connect my PC. I opened a ticket in Uphold support but I couldn’t recieve a answer yet. This is the report that sent:

I couldn’t connect my Uphold wallet with Brave Rewards (only on my PC, in my mobil device is connected) When I try to connect send me an email asking me if “it’s me” or “No….” I pick “it’s” me and I can log in on my account but when the tab of Brave Rewards can’t connect and show me a pop up

“Your request is still being processed. Save a moment.
We’re sorry, but there was a problem processing your request.”
and a button “Retry”

but clicking again and again I can not connect
Do I have this issue because a problem in Uphold wallet or a System of Brave Rewards ?


do you know about this issue?


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I have noticed that the shield is not enabled.
Do you have the same status?
shield unnable

No everything else is ok as far as i know, all upto date ect.
Except on my phone its connected but saying earnings so far zero this month.

We have to find any problems related to the state of the shield. I will search later if any help from the support team is not responding.

i dont use Brave rewards or wallet/crypto…etc but i am sure these errors which you are facing might be due to the outdated version of brave which you may use…

i remember you asked for Win7 version download link, so i guess you are on win 7 ?

you need Win10/11 and latest version of brave for these Rewards features to work properly.

The issue is only in tab Brave Rewards, in others websites work normal. Thanks

Are you talking about the Lion logo? They wont work on settings Page, new tabs, rewards…etc

They will be activated only while you access websites.

I’ve never noticed that state actually!! if you say that is normal state then we need to find another solution

wellcome to Brave Community

I’ve checked Logs and I have so many errors since during this year that is imposible to understand this.
get_available.cc(63)] Unexpected HTTP status: 426
since Nov 6 2023
and I 'd been connected and recieve rewards in december
and next two errors since Dec 25 2023 when probably I’ve noticed that my account was disconnected and I tried to connect (I don’t remember well)
I opened a ticket in Brave Support and I didn’t recieve any answer yet

In this topic the issue was solved

I hope that @Saoiray can explain us what is happening

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@ricardodn it’s unknown. I DMed people from Support and we can tag in @chriscat as well. Big thing is majority of people at Brave are on vacation for the holidays. This is why you’ll have noticed no replies from anyone since like December 21, give or take.

We may have to hang tight until this coming week, which is when they should be getting back to work and getting issues resolved.

Thanks a lot!! well, We’ll wait to next week so
Happy New Year!!

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be patient
as a support member said: " majority of people at Brave are on vacation for the holidays. This is why you’ll have noticed no replies from anyone since like December 21, give or take
We may have to hang tight until this coming week"

Dear all, here in Brazil I’m trying to connect for the first time and I see the same error.
Good luck to everyone.

This issue is known and should be fixed today. Thank you for your patience.

I have the same problem. I’m interested in the solution

I am having the same issue with connecting Brave Rewards to Uphold.

I have spent 3 days now trying to connect my PC running Windows 64-bit, as well as my mobile phone running Oxygen 12.

In both cases I don’t get an error. I just don’t move beyond the verify email opened by Brave browser.

I have reset the Brave Rewards on both PC & Android, as well as uninstalling & reinstalling it on both twice.

When I have uninstalled both latest versions of Uphold and Brave Browser.

Also during both uninstalls I have removed any trace of both Brave & Uphold on both PC & Android Phone.

Also through the upholds website I have set it up, as well as went through their comprehensive ID verification.

This is the procedure I follow each time I have attempted to connect Brave Rewards to Uphold & The Results.

  1. In Brave Rewards → clicked Connect account
  2. In Choose where you’d like to receive BAT → clicked Uphold
  3. In Scam Warning → checked I Confirm & clicked I Understand
  4. I enter both the Uphold Login Credentials and each new instanse of Authenticate App six digit code from Uphold
  5. Message on wallet browser says check email message to verify it’s me.
    5b. In email I open Did you just try to sigh in? Email from Uphold and I’m redirected to my uphold wallet.

So now I’m in my Uphold wallet, but nothing mentions brave. Infact there is no mention of Brave in my uphold session.

Uphold just Shows the screens of my uphold wallet

In Brave browser still shows Verify it’s me, it never changes. The Brave Rewards still shows nothing connected.

I have been emailing back and forth to Upholds technical team, trying everything they suggested with no changes.

The Brave Rewards just won’t complete connection to uphold. So I am reaching out to your tech force to see if you can offer any additional help or solutions.

If we can connect great, if not I will just Permanently disable Brave Rewards.

It seems like a great feature, if it works. But if I can’t connect, no reason to keep it running. I will just use Brave as is.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide me.

Best Regards

Rob M Conn
[email protected]

I have the exact same issue. I might add that in Uphold when you click integrations it shows that Brave is connected.

This must be an API issue?, it’s like the connection terminates at uphold, and doesn’t trigger an update response back to Brave.

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