Are cookies disabled?

This is on Brave on iOS:

A site is not letting me click a checkbox because it says: “You need to enable cookies in order to remember this device”. When I lower the shields (orange icon in the top right) it still gives that error message. I checked and to me it seems that lowering shields removes any restrictions on cookies.

I am using Duo for single sign on to my employer, So this is a local SSO web page but I think it is generated by Duo. It contains a button to request a push notification to authenticate, and a checkbox that says “remember for 30 days”. That’s the checkbox. This same process seems to work fine on Brave for Mac (beta).

Brave blocks “third-party cookies” or “cross-site cookies” I believe they called it now. If you want or need to disable this, clicked on the Shields icon in the location/address bar and choose “allow all cookies”.

Hope this helps.

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