I am verified in Uphold and I did not receive payment? help me!

I am verified in Uphold and I have BAT balance of February and I did not receive? help me!


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same i am .almost day is over but i didnt receive my 1500 bat

i have 1400 bat tip before 1 march

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Wait at least until a the end of today, then you’ll be sure that there’s a problem

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facing same problem date is changed butt bat ballance is still in pending payout dear @Asad kindly help us about payment problem

you are lucky man i havent received my first payment very dissapointed

Payments are still being processed. Keep in mind that the payouts happen in PST time. Our team is still currently working on getting the payments done right now!


why is it done by hand and isnt automic ,you have fraud filter right

thanks for your work, i still waiting the paid. good night to all team…

Next Deposit Date: April 8th??? payment is still in process ?? not received! :roll_eyes:

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Hmm me as well… Verified uphold account since feb. And i did not received any bat from brave…

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@Asad @chriscat same problem here , today is 09 and didn’t receive my reward , in fact next deposit changed to 8 April ??

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