Haven't received my March payout on Uphold yet

Hi! I haven’t received my Brave payout yet, eventhough Brave claims that all verified Uphold wallets have been paid.

Some days ago I’ve received 0,25 BAT’s from another Brave session I’ve got on another Operative System (Linux), yet the main amount of 5,8 BATs is not in my Uphold wallet yet.

My Uphold wallet is verified and I’ve already completed the required survey of the wallet time ago.

If you could help me with this matter, I’d be really happy. Sorry for my English, I’m not native.


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Just wait for a little more time it normally goes first 10 days they will pay you at the end

Payouts are still processing at this time.

I received mine today.

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I haven’t receive BAT into my verified uphold wallet yet (April 7 th payout)

You should dm the moderators

Already did to 2 of them and only one replied that they were aware of the issue and they were working on it. Days have passed and haven’t received the 5.8 BATs owed :sweat_smile:

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Wait for some time i guess. Ask them for updates.

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