I am not receive any payment with verified uphold

It’s showing ( Your + 8.000 BAT May rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! ) Now Payments is completed still I’m not receive any payment.

What happened? Does anybody know?

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Same. The payment issues seem to be increasing every month.

no payement again , soem people come to say in commets how happy they are because get more then have waiting and iam in second month brave dont pay me my bat on the browser in laptop , i am sad

Same issue here. No payout for May or June

For me, it said your rewards will arrive in 3 days…nothing arrived after…5 days, they sent me just 0.5 the 7th

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2 months and no bat and now they say to not refresh the page like a excuse , i dont need to do that i work all day in internet

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