February payment on uphold

My uphold account is verified but I haven’t received my payment this month that should have been 2.900 bat.


@Bracchiara when did you verify your wallet?

Hello I have the same problem.

I used the Brave Rewards and I connected my Bravebrowser with my Uphold account.
About 3

Weeks Ago ist the transfer of my earned BAT currency on Brave rewards to Uphold not Possible.

When I try to enter through Brave to Uphold, I have to verivy/reauthorize my Uphold account and then I see, that the connection didn’t work and have to retry.

I already contacted with Uphold support, but the told me, that the problem must be through Brave and said me to contact you. (please see the pictures in the attachment).

Help me please to transfer my earned BAT to my Uphold account.

The last transaction to my Uphold account was on 17. Jan.
After my connection to the Uphold support I deinstalled/deleted the Brave and uholf applications and installed new


I sent you a message about not receiving my bats this month but have yet to get a response at all. What is up?

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Hi, I did not receive any mails from you…

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I’ve never had this problem before, it was always two payments (my browser and phone)

and yesterday 5 bat was sent to brave
2022-02-25 11_41_06-Wallet - Brave

even i did not recive it i gave all details evn tho no response!

@steeven Kindly tell us what the issue is. It has affected soo many users and yet you keep telling us to DM you with details and yet you don’t even reply just ignored it. I DM you about 2 weeks ago and to date no reply. Is there any guarantee we will receive this month payments? Kindly address clarify

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Finally received my Jan payment. Thanks and I hope it is smooth from here going forward.

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