My monthly BAT reward still not payed

My wallet is verified, I am on windows desktop and brave is up to date.
Payments have finished but not for me, obviously, and for many others.
Pls don’t send me to links for solutions. I was sent there before and I have seen them all.

Can you moderators just give straight answer? Is it a bug, or something worse? Are you working on a solution or is this BAT lost in a limbo forever?


I have same problem. And no answers.

Bruh… I know :frowning:

Hi @elfosage - please see - Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

Thank you for the reply @steeven
I have seen that link several times already, but what suspicious activities are you talking about?
Is it something on our end or something else entirely?
If you are not at liberty to talk about it just say so, it’s fine. We just want to be reassured that this problem will be solved and that our BATs are not forever lost


Hi @steeven I’ve sent you a DM. Thanks.

I see, nobody rly cares, thanks, bye

Hi @elfosage - a fix for this is on the way and your will then receive your payments, as mentioned in the post. Thanks for your patience.

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