I am unable to save my password on my brave browser

I am unable to save my password on my brave browser.
There is no prompt of save password and i can’t save password due to this i have to retype my password everytime. Please help i am on latest version.

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Hey @Arkearn,
look at brave://settings/passwords and check if it is enabled:

  1. Offer to save passwords
    also check:
  2. Sign in automatically

They are already on.

I was running into the same issue with my internal webmail server for a customer. As a work around, I created a custom.csv file using a chrome password export as an example. I was then able to add the entry manually from the settings\additional settings\autofill\passwords page. More Actions (3 vertical dots) menu across from Saved Passwords, Import option. I added my custom .csv file, and the password is now auto-filled for the site.

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In my case the import password option is not doing anything i need @staff here

I suggest to DM one of the Admins, https://community.brave.com/about to get faster help. But keep in mind. Holydays!

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When I had my .csv file in a format based upon a forum example, the import function failed to do anything. When I changed the format to match a chrome export, it worked like a charm.


I hope that is helpful.

God bless & Merry Christmas!

i am using chrome export

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