I am suddenly getting ads on YouTube as if I wasn’t using Brave

As of a week or so ago when using Brave I started to see ads appear on youtube when I have been using Brave for years and haven’t seen a single one prior. Well I don’t see them per se I just get audio a blackscreen and the thing saying how long and a preview of next one that funny enough shows the image. I didn’t change any of the settings.

Brave version: Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)(https://brave.com/latest/)

OS: Windows 7 pro

Only content filter is "easy list cookie

You should have Fanboy's Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances, as they will both help a lot.

This will eventually be a problem as scripts won’t always be able to work with older. But you should be good.

Big thing I have to ask, have you tried to Search Before Posting? Because there have been similar topics made over the past few weeks. Each one usually gets resolved just be people saying to go to brave://components and update Brave Ad Block Resources Library and all.

Also sometimes it can be an issue of cookies or ad extensions, which you could try if the above doesn’t help

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Ok added those filters and restarted brave but still happening.

Yeah older computer so eventually will upgrade.

And yes I did search and commented about how I followed the steps on it but it didn’t work. The topic was closed and I was told to create another topic… um by you I think. But yes I did hit the update on brave ad block resources and well everything on components.

Did clear cookies and have no extensions but still getting the ads


Ah, looking at your history, I see 5 days ago you commented on someone else’s. And yeah, I closed the post because original person who had a problem said it was resolved. So figured different issue overall, even if similar, should have different topic. I see a lot of posts/topics, so don’t remember all of them.

Let me tag in @fanboynz to see if he has anything to add on that or what information he might need.

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yeah sorry was kind of busy so didn’t get back all that quickly and well only found this forum from searching the problem so still getting used to it myself and wouldn’t figure you’d remember every response.

Sure thing. Still have chrome with adblock on so can use that for youtube… just kind of funny been basically since I got brave I haven’t seen any ads on it and now I’m seeing 1 almost every video (at least on music stuff) and had no idea they did so many now

Possibly an issue with older Brave builds, to confirm this testing in a win10/11 build would be ideal here.

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@fanboynz I can confirm I don’t get any ads at youtube on my win10 device.

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oh yeah no problem with my work computer which pretty sure is 10… but this is what I got at home not exactly getting a new OS for this

Windows 7 is already not supported, and there are already many changes that won’t make it to the old last version supported on Win7, and it will keep breaking more and more, not getting new feature or fixes or changes or nothing.

Also, you don’t have to get a ‘new OS’, it is called Upgrade and it is free to upgrade from Win7 to Win10/Win11.
Upgrading will keep your files and applications and most settings.

I understand that.

But it’s an old computer. Not sure why the semantics here but same thing I’d be getting a new computer before I go thru all that for this and then dealing with those not most settings.

I made an update to the youtube ads, ensure you’re using the latest Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.663 in brave://components

Fixes the occasional delays showing youtube content (5-10sec) of loading screen.

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So I’ve updated Brave Ad Block Updater but it says Version: 1.0.682 not 1.0.663… which I think is what it was before. Either way ads still only visually blocked

This has been happening with me too, for over a month. I just checked components, as recommended. It says my ad block is up to date. 1.0.891.
I use Windows 7, which is an upgrade from what came on this laptop, I doubt this laptop could handle Windows 10.

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There are newer adblock rules only supported in new versions of Brave, youtube ad blocking in windows 7 will be limited/non-existant atm.

add more filter using brave://adblock then it get fixed , no speed issue will get

Do you know which filters you added to make it work?

If using older Brave builds (WIndows 7/8/8.1). Could try using this into brave://adblock (Custom rules). Save and then reload YT.

youtube.com,youtubekids.com,youtube-nocookie.com##+js(json-prune, playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds playerResponse.adSlots adPlacements playerAds adSlots legacyImportant)

youtube.com,youtubekids.com,youtube-nocookie.com##+js(json-prune, playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds playerResponse.adSlots adPlacements playerAds adSlots Important)

Not sure how well this work, or for how long.

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