Youtube Ads now Coming in Brave Browser

I am facing the Youtube ads now, before this build, I was not getting the YouTube Ads while I was browsing it, but now I am facing Youtube Ads which is now irritating me. Please help regarding this.

Brave version
Version 1.25.72

Hey, can you try the following; @geekysumit

  1. Clearing Cache, cookies in brave://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. brave://net-internals/#dns → Clear host cache
  3. brave://net-internals/#sockets → Select Close idle sockets, and click Flush socket pools
  4. Refresh the Youtube website, and re-login (since clearing cookies)

Dont work for me, the ads still coming up :frowning_face:

What type of advert is it? does ads and trackers show many blocked items? Also test in private window mode

Same thing here. Updated brave on ubuntu yesterday and now i get a commercial at the start of every new youtube video i watch. These ads were not there yesterday.

Go through the steps described below so @fanboynz can assist you easier.

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