I am seeing ads but they are not counting why?

My adds are showing but not counting in main balance?


Restart Brave Browser, and check again.
Hope this helps.

No now it’s 3 day it’s stuck at 18 I am using brave night version

Same thing happened with me on Brave Stable, and I restarted the browser, problem was solved.

How to restart man I am new here and my is Android version

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Click on three dots and “Exit” then reopen it.


@steeven @Mattches This bug needs to be fixed.

Bug occurring on Android Brave Stable, Beta and Nightly as well as on Windows Stable (Latest).


No it’s still stuck.

Wait for the fix bro

Same thing happening with me.

Brave Stable (Latest) - Android

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@nVikram @Vipulxxx

do you use one profile or more ?

Oh thats new, the most don’t even get the ads anymore. Are you on PC or Android?

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same problem. my account is verified on 2 of 3 devices. but my #1 option that was used to sync the account is still not verified. but they are take auto contributions without my ok. Very angry. stealing.

Related to this post and this issue is already reported, they are working on it

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Android. How much do you get for seeing 1 ad and from which region you are?

it’s vary

the advertiser has the option to set the value of bat per ads but i agree that most of us see a decrease in that value and as we notice that the exchange rate of bat raised up recently it’s 0.34 now from around 0.22 at the start of the month

have a nice day

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I have a similar problem… I see much more ads than counted in the main balance. This is a new effect I’ve not seen not until today.

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0.025 bat i think, i am from germany!

The same, seeing adds but nothing happening on the rewards front for the whole of August and it seemed to working fine before that. I have renewed Brave 3 times and verified the wallet but it has had no effect. What I wanted to do was was to verify Uphold account but didn’t go further when I was asked to send passport or driving license documents online to a website I don’t know if I can trust and which I don’t line doing. Perhaps not seeing anything for August is because of UPHOLD. I did read that you only have to do a complete verification if wanting to withdraw or add funds to Uphold.

That’s right, you have to complete your verification and of course show your ID, as you would at your normal bank, and even state your bank account if you plan to withdraw the money. Or you can tip all your BAT to a e.g. youtube channel.
But for the not received BAT for seeing ads i suggest to contact an admin. They kindly help you with this subject in short time. Link below.

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