Ads shown are not credited into BAT Wallet

Sometime ads shown are not getting reward into BAT wallet which is shown on my mobile Brave rewards. Please let me know the what’s the issue. And please sort it out

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@steeven I’ve been suffering with the same issue. Since very long…

Idk why it happening frequently.

Ads coming and they gets registered in 7 days ads that we can see in brave://rewards

Estimates bats and the count of total ads of this month wont get increased… :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Same issue with me… getting tired of complaining already

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In last 2hrs I’ve got around 5 ads only 1 got credited. IDK what’s wrong here. #Brave Community should seriously look into it.

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Develop a feature -> have bugs -> Resolving bugs -> having bugs :recycle:

become a cyclic process. we can’t do anything :wink: :roll_eyes:

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