I am quiting brave

i am quiting brave browser unfortunately as uphold permanently closed my account without any reason ):

Have you tried to reach out or contact uphold? @mnya

Can you tell me what the email associated with your Uphold account is? Feel free to DM me if you’d like for it to remain private.

yes but they r not helping me out
seems like they r just copying paste an usual message again and again ):

Unlisted because personal information

Thank you for providing the email. Let me ping my Uphold contacts and see what we can do about this. Appreciate your patience.

thank you (:slight_smile:


any update sir ): ??

I rarely use Brave anymore … the ads payout system for BAT is borked, badly. I cannot make heads or tails out of it. I see and read no answers here. BAT accumulates arbitrarily, it seems, also. But, as I said if the BAT doesn’t get paid out, what is the point of using this browser?

Opera can blocks ads. Other browsers can block ads just as well with a simple extension like uBlock Origin for now. Vivaldi has their own ad-blocker coming up in the snapshot version.

Vivaldi and Opera both have a much more sophisticated set of built-in features that make them a pleasure to use compared to Brave, also.

In summary, as long as Brave’s BAT/awards system continues to fail as it has for me for more than a few months now, Brave will sit on the bottom of the pile of serviceable browsers for me.

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I can’t answer directly, but just reach out / create a ticket for uphold.

They’re using the same lists as we are, and I’m one of the dev’s for Easylist. I don’t actively monitor the other browsers forums so I can’t answer there support on missing ads/false positives.

Brave is also deploying snippet/cosmetic (uBo-style) filtering which Opera/Vivaaldi don’t have. See https://brave.com/whats-brave-done-for-my-privacy-lately-episode2/

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I don’t have problems with other browsers’ ad-blocking.

I never used Uphold.

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