Not receiving BAT AGAIN! been stuck at 4.125 Bat for a while now. Over it

Cool idea, but i am starting to quickly notice it is not worth the headache. I am switching back to Google Chrome. Just buggy enough to get rid of as the only reason I liked the browser is because of the earned BAT, which i am not getting…again.


Don’t frustrated brother .Moreover take patient. I hope your problems will be solved very soon by authorities of Brave Browser.
I will recommend you to contact with steeven who is very helpful.


thank you, i love the browser but this seems to be a recurring problem with this browser.


Same it’s second day and still i’m getting ads but BATs not counts in my account

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Dude chill, its just your second day!! I have the same problem for 3 weeks!!


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Is usually bug?
I’m new I received 1 in 2 days but now is 4 days and didn’t receive any ads

Its a new bug since 3 weeks. I am using brave now for about 3 Months without any problems with reward system. Just be patient and wait for a fix. They already deployed one to the beta channel and after testing they will deploy it to the stable one.


After installation of Brave Browser Windows…for the first two weeks I got ads only 14 per day… after two weeks Iam not getting any ads… Give me guidance to get more ads per day…I am from India and finally How to contact steeven>>Please give me information.

You might want to turn off auto contribute in I know it takes a full month before you receive your rewards Perion I’ve had the same problem and to do with getting to 25 tokens n verifying your wallet

It’s already turned off but they are testing beta i suppose so it will be fix next week or so.

Yeah I’m going back to Vivaldi til they message me, and show me that my issues have been fixed. Mine has been broken since Feb 2020. Now I’m not getting any ads at all, and also when I click add funds to wallet, nothing happens. I never had a single problem with Vivaldi, but the sound of getting paid for ads seemed too good to pass up. I’ve had nothing but problems with this browser since day one, and I feel I have been very patients for the last year and a half. I’ll just keep checking in here daily and use Brave for an hour or so now and then to see if they bother to fix it.

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same problem here,provide payout statement to know our bat payment but they didn’t given.

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Having the same problem this month!

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Hi @Skepptix, just wanted to check in to see if you received your payment? Just noticing at the time of your post that payments were still processing.

Anyone here who didn’t receive their Publishers payout, please DM me the email linked to your account and I can take a look at what might have happened.

If your didn’t receive your ads payment,

Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

Same here. Tired of this. Considering giving up on Brave. Third month now w nothing.

I have to apologize because I didn’t take into consideration the fact that i did receive a payout and possibly didn’t consider that was the reason, I guess I would be more accustomed to it being instant and when i seen a lower balance days after it didn’t even dawn on me that that could be the reason. Greg1 the only way i was able to start receiving BAT tokens was to rewrite my entire computer and make sure that there was no ad-block program running as an extension or in the background. However, the balance on my phone hasn’t moved in months and I have no idea how to fix that one. Hope this helps, I am starting to believe more and more in this product and once they get it hammered out I am sure it will be one of the leaders in the space.

Hi Steeven

I did exactly this some time back but still no transfer to Uphold happening, I think this is month 4 without transfers. Previous to that transfer were OK. Is there anything else I need to do or just wait until it is fixed.


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Is there anything I can do on my phone to start receiving BAT again (android)? is has been stuck at 7.25 BAT for months and reinstalling, turning rewards on and off don’t seem to work. Please advise. Sorry about my ignorance on the PC version of this, didn’t take into account the payout.

Thanks for following up @Skepptix. What version of the Brave app is your phone currently on? Here’s a link to our latest versions -