Sidebar bookmark folder display

With the latest update all bookmarks folders accessed through the sidebar are now set to closed (to my frustration, trying to do things quick running a business). So everytime I leave it for a moment because i’m working on something and return to it I have to start clicking and scrolling away again. I thought the open all setting would fix that but that just opened all my bookmarks in different tabs (nightmare, as i have tons of bookmarks saved). Anyway, please can this be set to open again or a toggle button be put in place, to have it in opened or closed view upon user preference and also stay where you last clicked on a bookmark folder?


P.s. I would also request that brave creates/implements their own dark mode setting accross all websites. I tried a few extensions but they are useless, as you need to set it up for every webpage seperately, who’s got the time for that. The only extension that does it upon a click “night view” wants money for their extension. Madness that we’re still struggling to have these features in the 21st century. I’d say Brave implement it and see people worldwide run for brave browser in huge numbers. I’m 50+ and never had issues with my eyes but I strongly believe these blue lights have damaged my eyes, to the extent that I have to use glasses now. Anyway, just a thought.

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