Bookmarks rearrange automatically

Dear Sir and Madam,
I have recently installed Brave Browser.
I Imported all my bookmarks from Google Chrome.
I arranged my bookmarks after my own preference.
The problem i encounter right now is that Brave Browser re-arranges almost all my bookmarks and i dont want that at all. These are private and i want them in a specific order.
Is there a possibility to fix this bug or problem ?

Best regards,

I have the same problem. Any solution?

Recently discovered this as well.

Opened Bookmark Manager.
From top right menu, choose Sort By Name.
Bookmarks in Manager sorted by name.
Closed Bookmark Manager.
Discovered that bookmarks across the top of browser had been resorted by name… not the intended outcome.

Proposed Fix:
~ Sorting actions in the Bookmark Manager should be separate than those on the Browser Bar.
~ If a user sorts bookmarks in the Manager, the bookmarks in the browser should not be changed.
~ A section of the Manager (perhaps called Browser Bookmarks Bar) should be created within the ~ Manager section so a user can add and list bookmarks as they see fit. This section would be exempt of sorting (unless it’s own sorting feature is added).
~ Perhaps an easier temp fix would be to have two Bookmark Managers… one for the Browser Bookmarks Bar and another for all Bookmarks.

Thank you!