Can't load certain stuff on brave browser

I cannot load certain websites and certain parts of websites but however, I can on google chrome. An example would be an ebook website on the google play website, it is not loading on brave but it loads on chrome. The page doesn’t load and comes up with a black background .Yesterday it was working completely fine so I am not sure what has happened.

Hey drunkaussie,

I’ll need to get some more info from you for this.

  1. Is your browser up-to-date?
  2. Given your categories, I assume you’re on Windows 10?
  3. If these issues only just started happening, can you recall what you did last that might’ve caused this? Anything could be helpful.

Hi, yes my browser is up to date and I am on Windows 10. As far as I know I have not done anything on my computer that could interfer with the settings. I have just noticed that one some websites, not everything loads or works properly where it would on chrome.

Can you try opening a new Brave profile (or a guest profile) and seeing if these issues persist on either of those?

Hi, yes on the guest profile, the e book works. I have also noticed that pictures on do not load.

Is the Reddit issue on your normal profile or on the guest profile?

The reddit issue is on my normal profile. I can view pictures on reddit on the guest profile but not my own.

Then I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s either a setting you changed or an extension you installed.

For now, I would suggest disabling all of your extensions if you have any, and seeing if that fixes anything for your normal profile.

Thanks, it worked, turns out one of those vpn extensions ‘Urban VPN’ was stopping things from loading. The issue is solved many thanks

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