Brave still loading pages slowly

Still no solution. Every suggestion does not work. Brave loads webpages so slowly all of the sudden, for the past few weeks. Things told to try doesnt fix the issue. Only loads slow on Brave, other browsers site load quickly. Braves issue. Still no fix

Enumerate some of them.
For example, i turned OFF force pages upgrade to HTTPS, and the lag for pages i like to open gets faster to load.

i have no idea what you are talking about or how to do this or where to do this. i checked in settings and found nothing

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i should have to do this on every page i visit.

Since menu is different OS and devices, is quite hard that someone can guide you how to use the browser.
Please provide details from Settings->About Brave, so at last we can share some steps to further identification of your possible issue.

Toxic topic.
It can clearly be closed does OP manners.

Yes indeed, e read very well, there is no OS specifications, there is no details about your device.
And you expect that someone will help you directly.

Both of you are violating rules for Brave Community. No name calling and all. @Michael-Alexander if you try fake editing to keep your name calling visible, it may lead to your account being suspended. Please take a step back and don’t violate. There’s no reason to be insulting each other. Provide assistance or walk away.

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Topic became uncivil