I accidentally deleted one bookmark folder content

How can I fix this please: I accidentally deleted one bookmark folder content?
Is there a cache or history folder with this content in?
It is years of work gone.

You may be able to look in the program files and see if there is another profile that has what you are looking for.

It isn’t going to be current but will have most of your stuff depending on when the profile was created.

Sometimes when chromium updates, it will create a new profile and leave the old profile there. I believe this was done in case something happens with the update then there is a backup of the data.

EastonCo, not to tech savvy here: running MacOs 10. Not used to finding prog files on a Mac nor for Brave search engine - any hints please? Actually have a mental block going on atm due to health - I can find things on a PC easier now. Am looking for Applications and associated relevant files to this ques. Thanks for replying.

Type the following into your URL bar:


Then look behind ‘Profile Path’ to see where your profile is located. For example:

C:\Users\easto_tn4zewm\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

You’ll want to check one folder up from the path given for your profile. So in the above the last two folders are User Data and Default.

You will want to go to the User Data folder and see if there are other folders in there, which would likely be backed up profiles.

Since you are on mac, the file path will be different, such as /home/user/data/brave/profiles/default or something similar. The concept is the same.

Let me know if you find anything!

EastonCo, thanks for your suggestion/s. Unfortunately I have not had any success. I will be getting a visitor whom I will ask to look at your advice. I will let you know. Thanks again.

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