How to withdraw free 30 BAT from brave browser to uphold

hello,i need help getting the free BAT in my brave browser into my uphold account. i have them linked properly.

I’m curious as well, can you only withdraw via uphold or will there be address withdraws and deposits (unless there already is)?

You can withdraw via Uphold only. :shushing_face:

when you aren’t 18 yet

you can ask your parents

I think I’m behind the curve. I didn’t think you could withdraw. I’ll go back to reading😊

yes, that’s true. He can only donate to other

I’m already poor… I need to make tokens before I can donate them

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not only you my friend ))) lol

Yes, I’m aware… I know change is coming one day. I’m hoping it’s peaceful, but the news I’ve seen thinks otherwise.

@ultimatejiblo to make it more clear, you can’t withdrawal free BAT from BAT grants. Because it’s purpose is to help users try the Rewards system.

But in the future, you can withdrawal BAT that you earned by watching Brave Ads.

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thanks for the clarification. y’all smart making us think we was gon get BAT by installing the browser. all good though.

please help me, I don’t know how to withdraw BAT using my uphold

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At this time I think only publishers and verified users in certain regions of the world can withdraw… it’s not clear tho so who knows if it isnt or is and what the future holds

Please see our Help Center and/or other official resources for answers to common questions such as these.

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