Can't withdraw Brave Rewards

I haven’t been able to withdraw my Brave Rewards BAT from my browser to my Verified Uphold account since September and have accrued 48.143 BAT. I’ve DMed steeven my wallet ID, OS and Brave Version and a screenshot of my rewards tab. I’m creating this post to try and make sure he’s received my support request! Thank you @steeven for helping users with this seemingly widespread issue!

Try adding a bank account and your debit card to your uphold. I did those and now have no problems withdrawing directly to my bank account.

Although I haven’t tried it yet I did add my bank account and it appears I can withdraw funds from Uphold -> My Bank, but I can’t withdraw BAT rewards from Brave Browser to my Uphold Wallet. It says I have 9~ points in my browser on Uphold, but in my rewards tab it says 48.143. I think the problem may be that Uphold might think it’s attached to another browser installation from before reformatting my computer this summer. Not sure, but when I click withdraw funds in Brave rewards it’s not reflecting the 48.143. My last BAT transfer was back in July.

You don’t have to withdraw from Brave to Uphold. Your Brave browser (BAT) balance is synced to your Uphold. Just withdraw from Uphold to your bank or wherever you want to withdraw to.

I think my Uphold account is synced to the wrong browser. It doesn’t show my current balance on Uphold. Uploading pics
BAT balance1

Referring to the bottom image, click on the ‘Add/Withdraw funds at Uphold’, follow every steps required. You can sync as many device balances you want.

After clicking Add or Withdraw it takes me to Uphold where it says my balance is 9.893467403936241 instead of 48.143

Have you linked more than 4 different instances of Brave to uphold in the past? There is a lifetime limit of 4, and there is no way to unlink old instances of Brave from Uphold if you no longer use them.

Thanks for reporting @Sourc3 . We have an active issue on this that the team is investigating.

If you could DM me your Wallet ID, along with the following information for troubleshooting:

1.) Inspect the uphold dashboard page after logging into uphold.
2.) Click on “network”
3.) Find an API call called “me” in the list of API calls
4.) Click on Response
5.) Copy everything after “id”:" and before the closing " to get the UUID of the uphold user

Paste your Uphold ID in the thread.

Thank you in advance!

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