I cannot withdraw brave browser wallet to uphold

I got 28$ BAT token using Refferel reward on brave publisher to uphold account . but i cannot withdraw my browser wallet balance . how can i withdraw it ?? please help me anybody . i can withdraw my publisher balance but i cannot withdraw my brave browser wallet balance . please tell me how can i withdraw this balance ?

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Hi @shafi2017,

The in browser wallet is currently unidirectional. The team is working to implement two wayd wallet.

Also, please note that you’ll not be able to withdraw BAT that you got from BAT grants. Because the purpose of this free BAT is to support publisher and help user to try the rewards system.

But you’ll be able to withdraw BAT that you earned by watching Brave Ads.

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Can I never pick it up?

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you can only donate/tip them…
to me for exemple ))) Thanxs

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Dude no need to worry !!!

Because Brave will automatically transfer your all BAT TOKENS into your uphold account on 8th or 9th of every month. Also Uphold will send a email you that you have received your BAT TOKENS in your uphold account. So you need to just wait for that.


@ujjwalswami Please do not link your personal referral links here for users to download.

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