How to view what Brave Shields blocks?

I want to view each item that Brave Shields blocks. How? I can view blocked items in Safari and Edge but not Brave.

Are you talking about Android? then you can’t.
On desktop you have Devtools and Shields panel show the blocked items.

Only Network filters report in both, not scriptlet injections or cosmetics, cosmetics are easy to spot but not the scriptlet-injections since they only report in console, so you would have to go to the filter lists and see if the page has any, since Brave I don’t think it has generic scriptlets injection support, only per domain.

Brave for macOS and iOS iPadOS.

Well, I don’t remember the iOS version, all I know is iOS version is more limited because of Apple restrictions and not allowing more than a Webkit based Browser on iOS, where they control the filtering (kind of what manifestv3 is going to do to desktop Chromium based browsers).
Android uses the same Chromium/Blink than desktop so features are the same in that regard of adblocking, but since it is not the case with iOS, it means the rules in some cases are going to be different and more limited.

But MacOS version is the same Chromium Desktop version so there shouldn’t be any problem with that using devtools and shields panel to see what is being blocked.
Not as simple as using another adblocker but can be done.
And most websites resize on screen size/resolution so probably most scripts will be blocked the same, so we can assume similar/same scripts will be blocked in mobile version vs desktop version of a website.

I’m looking for a quick overview of what is being blocked like in below shot of uBlock Origin in Edge.

Shields on Desktop already tell you the Network elements being blocked.

And technically uBlock panel is useless, it is not done to ‘see what is being blocked’ it is to apply Dynamic filtering, not to review anything, yeah you can see the domains being blocked and then what? you don’t know which scripts are being blocked, which is useless, uBlock’s logger is the one that does it right, and you can even use it to see which filters might be getting applied to Brave since they both use the same default lists.

But Brave Shields on desktop already show you the information you need, Devtools does it better, since you can see if something was redirected or not, and console can show you sometimes information about scriptlets being applied and errors in variables or whatever, the most difficult to spot are cosmetic filters rules, because it is an injection css in an html element, so there is no information about it anywhere
But the most important is Network filters and that’s what uBlock panel tells you being apply and Brave does the same but actually shows you the scripts being blocked.

Thanks for posting that screenshot. I don’t know how to view that on my Brave macOS. This is all I see.

Well, I guess I didn’t think it wasn’t intuitive enough, so I apologize for talking and thinking you knew what I was talking about, I thought you didn’t think that was enough.

But click on the blocked items (29), then you will go to the panel showing you the Network elements being blocked.

If you go to a page like this, you will see the count will be higher since now it counts the http elements being upgraded to https.

And if you click on the block scripts you will get the same, all scripts will show there, but that option is kind of useless, I just use custom filters if I need to do that, since it will block inline scripts as well, which Adblock can do with $CSP directives, so no need to block everything with no control, some people would say “well then the old allow scripts was useful” it was buggy, hard to keep updated and it didn’t whitelisted inline scripts so it was useless too.

So custom filters is the best way, even the quick options you see in uBlock like Dynamic Filtering, can be done manually in custom scripts, they are nothing special, just quick ways of doing things.

I guess, Shields panel wasn’t intuitive enough, I hope it gets improved to have a logger like uBlock which is amazing, or a way to know which filters are being applied like on uBlock logger, but using combination of both, devtools and sometimes Brave shields panel, do the job.
I mean I use it all the time and uBlock logger, so my adblocker is doing 99% of what uBlock does, even with some unsupported features, so uBlock stays useless in 0 almost all the times.
The only one that has no work around is usually Procedural Cosmetics and some exceptions #@#.
But I found my workarounds even with it, I have done anything people shouldn’t do with Brave’s adblocker.

Also using Devtools Console or Network is also quick, the problem is you have to have Devtools loaded for the Network one to show you the elements but for console you don’t so you open and you can see whatever was done to the page, like for example this is in page.



The good thing about Network tab is how you can filter Network elements, show only blocked ones and third-party request only if you want. So this is like how uBlock Logger will do, the difference is uBlock can say it applied cosmetics or scriptlet-injections and you just work around it. But usually the Network filters are the most important which you already have with Devtools.
I use uBlock to know what filters were applied to Brave since both use the same default lists, but you can easily find it out even without uBlock, even if it is a generic rule or it is meant for only third-party scripts or something.

Thousands of rules but not too bad to do it.

Also, the only thing that can Brave Shields tell you that Devtools won’t is if there is a $redirect or $Redirect-rule in place, because it will not count as blocked, it will only count as redirect.

So I can see those 2 scripts being blocked in Brave page in Shields panel but not in devtools if I redirect them, and then you have to use Source to see the redirected script.

Just some more info.

Oh geez, I tried to click on the upper 29 when I needed to click on the lower 29 in purple color. Thanks for pointing that out as I didn’t think to click there. I’m new to Brave.

Do you happen to know what default filter block rules Shields uses, like EasyLIst?

Yeah, it uses the same Default lists as uBlock, plus Brave specific ones, mostly the unbreak.
The only one that is not included is the uBlock Quick Fixes because most are unsupported features, especially the Procedural Cosmetics, but everything is the same.

But this is the file that Brave uses to fetch the lists, and then you use brave://componentsBrave Ad Block Updater to update them.

and this is for the regional you can enable

Fantastic regarding using the same filters at uBlock Origin. Thank you Emi. Is that your name or you just love this song? :wink:

Yeah it is weird when I get called E.M.I like the song or the music company lol
That’s a good song though, I just haven’t listened to much Punk anymore.

And yeah, Quick Fixes I guess will be added when procedural cosmetics gets added.
Still some features are unsupported, but not as many, everything an be fixed, with custom filters/lists.

Not much in iOS, since it is limited since the webkit is doing the blocking and Brave has to adapt the rules to do what Apple dictates with it, so it will never be too advanced.
But at least Desktop and Android have most features uBlock has.

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