Ad blocking question about how to use it

The little Brave badge tells you how many things were blocked. Click the little Brave badge to see more details and access to per site advanced options .

But is there some fairly easy way to see a list of exactly what was blocked?
Thank you.

Not exactly.
On android, click on the brave shields icon → view full privacy report → it doesn’t tell exactly what’s been blocked on Android.

I’m using a browser on a desktop, and I’d settle for a list of URLs if I can’t have an exact list of everything…


What do you mean by list of URLs?
I wanna make sure I understand you completely

The badge has a number of items blocked.
If I can’t have a list of the exact items, a list of URLs that had something blocked.

Only Shields Panel and Devtools will tell you that information. Those are the only way to know which Network requests were blocked, Devtools even has a checkbox specific to that.

Shields Panel or Devtools don’t count or process Cosmetics or Scriptlets being applied to the page though, in that case, it would be a different approach, like using uBlock to know more or less what rules are being applied to page, since Brave uses the same lists as uBlock.

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