Everything is a mess right now

Description of the issue: So now i have 2 brave shields and also none of the ads blocked and every filter gone from the brave://adblock page. https://img001.prntscr.com/file/img001/VPc8s5qURxqAsDvrwfHxNQ.png

Brave version (check About Brave): Version 1.38.119 Chromium: 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If brave://flags/#brave-shields-v1 is enabled, it’ll show another shield. Disable v1 and restart Brave

I see, thanks. I’ve enabled that when I saw that every filter was gone, so that problem is still exists. :confused:

Shields v2 shouldn’t affect filters, (if it did, copy/paste filters would be enough)

Filters been gone before I enabled shields v1. Every filter was gone suddenly after a PC restart. (The default ones, the custom filter is still there.)

Or the lists where i can select what to block I think it’s visible on the image that it’s missing?

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