How to use VPN in Brave Browser?

How to use VPN in Brave ? I used Tor but it doesn’t work. Just shows a blank white screen to me .


You can use either use a VPN within the browser (via an extension) or system wide (via application). Tor and VPN’s are separate, Some VPN’s may also block access to Tor.

Which VPN Are you using? @Marauder0

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You can activate the VPN normally and use it. It works to me, I use Urban VPN.

I used it via extension but it didn’t work. I used ProtonVPN but the webpage keeps loading forever. @fanboynz

I will try Urban VPN too. Thankyou @NoiGS

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Try using protonVPN via a desktop app, instead of an extension. See if it helps

Sure, thankyou. I will let you know about both the options.

With Brave, I tried ProtonVPN and Cloudflare Warp: both work well.

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