How to use extentions, particularly Dashlane?

Hi, I checked previous posts on Dashlane but I can’t find a suitable answer. How can I install Dashlane extension on Brave ? If I search on “manage extensions” and search for dashlane (in Brave) I get “add Dashlane to Chrome”. If I go to preferences and look under passwords or privacy there is no option to add dashlane extention as suggested in previous posts. This is the only hurdle for me to use Br ave as my main browser which i very much want but i need Dashlane to work. Thanks

Use the “Add Dashlane to Chrome” button. Here the store actually means “Brave,” which is based in part on Chromium. It won’t open Chrome and install it there, but will install it in Brave. I’ve installed several other extensions with ease this way.

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Note that a warning will probably pop up that the Brave staff/developers haven’t reviewed the extension, but as long as you’re convinced the extension is from a reputable source, you can click whatever it takes to go ahead with installation and it will continue. Just be sure you know the source is reputable (I think Dashlane probably is, but that’s my unprofessional opinion). Also, I’m just a user, not a developer or official mod.

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Hi @Hermes, in addition to @hnktong, you can install extension from Chrome Web Store. More

OMG so it’s that simple! A pity that it mentions “add to chrome” as i’m sure many people will be confused but good to know it all works :slight_smile: Thanks for your help !

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