Dashline Extension Not Installing in Brave 0.57.18

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension for Chrome but the Dashlane icon never shows up in the new version of Brave. Prior version still works wit hDashlane and so does Chrome.

Hi @Craig

what OS are you using? And can you check in the hamburger menu/Brave menu to see if the icon is there. I just installed the Dashlane extension and can see the icon and wanting to see if I reproduce what you’re seeing.

Windows 10 Enterprise

I do not see anything in the Brave Hamberger menu

I compared the old version and the new Brave version. I cannot locate Preferences-Security in the new version.

Hi @Craig,

I’m not sure about this. But, did you install Dashlane from Chrome Web Store?


I did, perhaps I should reinstall?

- no preferences

I was able to download and install dashaline without issue in Release build.
Does it show up in the extensions menu (Main menu --> More Tools --> Extensions)

Preferences = Settings now.
What were you looking for in Security?

Yes sorry for that.

I went to extensions and removed Grammarly. then I was able to ad Dashlane and it works now.

I appreciate the guidance. It is working now.