Dashlane used to work. Now it doesn't. I dont know what changed


In other words, the dashlane icon is always grey. I have restarted dashlane, checked the plugin and the version of brave. Nothing seems different. Anyone else>?



Hi @Pitosalas,
Did you have Dashlane app installed on your computer? Also, which Brave version that you use and your OS?

I’m able to use Dashlane on my Windows laptop. You may want to try:

Right click Dashlane extension > Manage extension > Extension options > Choose “Desktop” from the option > Save and restart extension.

Then try to click the extension again. It should prompt you login option (if you not yet logged in).

Let me know if that’s not working.



I have the same issue. The Dashlane extension works if you use the Standalone setting, but it will not work with the Desktop setting. Dashlane also does not recognize Brave as a “Chrome” browser to be able to manage the Extension from. This began after I upgraded from Beta in December.

Brave version: 0.58.21
Dashlane version: 6.1901.0

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