How to turn off website notifications?

I am using Brave browser on my desktop and on my android phone and I keep getting notifications from a website ( to buy a wallet, this type of notifications I keep getting in my computer while I am opening Brave browser or not, and on my phone though I didn’t visit Ledger site via Brave browser on my phone and I didn’t know how I keep getting notifications from this website; I also deleted it from history and deleted cookies associated with this website yet I just got a notification right before posting this to Brave Community

more info about Brave versions I use: (desktop: v1.52.122) - (android: v1.52.120)

@xgrxx The notifications are likely Brave Rewards. Though to get them, you would have had to enable it. Brave Rewards is where you can allow notifications to appear. If you link the Rewards to a custodial account such as Uphold, then you can earn BAT for each ad you see. If you have no idea what all of that is but you are using the browser, I’d quite shocked.

Then I have a brief little FAQ thing on some of the bits around Rewards that you can see at the links below:

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