Turning off Brave notifications

The Brave browser keeps sending me notifications to buy a product multiple times everyday. How go I turn off Brave’s notifications?

Hi @BoboSixx - welcome to community! What platform are you on?

Hi Steeven,
I’m using Windows 10 on a 2019 P.C.

Are you referring to Brave Ads, that would appear as they do in this article?
How do I opt into Brave Ads?

If so, that article will also tell you how to disable them :slight_smile:

Hi Steeven,

It’s the notifications that slide onto the desk top on the bottom right corner, saying that I need to protect my VPN address by purchasing the product to protect my P.C. and has a Brave logo attached to the notification.

As I said above, what you’re seeing are Brave’s privacy preserving Ads. You can learn more about Brave Ads here:

You may also want to see the Brave Ad FAQ.

These can be turned on/off at any time in Rewards Settings --> Brave Ads (see top article).

Hi Steeven,

I figured it out how to turn off the notifications that I don’t want.

It was on the desk top task bar that I discovered how to turn them off.

Thank you for your time.


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