Can't Transfer BAT Rewards

I’ve been using Brave for several years. About 1 year ago I got a new phone and set Brave to sync. I activated Rewards on the phone, but it doesn’t seemed to have synced with the computer, because I’ve only been seeing ads on the phone. I just heard reward payment for ios has been stopped, so I went in to settings. The only option on the phone is to send the rewards info to myself, but I can’t seem to do anything with it. On the computer, there’s an import option for the reward info file, but after I click to upload it nothing happens. There’s also an option to “View QR Code for iOS Rewards users transferring BAT”, but when I click there, it just says “Loading image…” and never loads.

Version 1.45.127 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110
Version 1.44.1 BraveCore 1.44.112

I never verified or received payments, since I didn’t set up the wallet until recently on the computer. Doesn’t seem to have synced with the phone. No VPN. Most of this time I’ve been in Italy, but currently in Germany.

Correct. Rewards doesn’t sync between device. When you go to sync, it shows you what it can sync and it asks you to select what you’d like. It’s things like Bookmarks, Passwords, History, etc. Never Rewards.

As you mentioned, this hasn’t been a thing since 2020.

To my knowledge, that no longer exists. I mean, I don’t see it on my iPhone. It’s possible it might exist only if you have BAT on it. If you do have BAT on an iOS you may need to submit a Rewards Support Ticket and see if they can help.

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That means it already stopped at least a year before I even got the phone, so I’ve had ads on this whole time for nothing and no rewards to claim then. But strange that it would still give me the option to opt-in.

Yes, you can still opt in to Rewards if you’d like, basically to help support Brave and Creators. What it essentially does is automatically accrue your earnings and splits it between Brave and Creators you visit on your device. It shows you that in the menu.

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Whereas on Android and other devices, it shows:

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