Transferring of BAT rewards from iOS to Desktop

Hello, I had over 40 BAT in my balance on my iPhone browser and when I transferred it to my desktop through the QR code I have not received any of my BAT!!! It’s been days now. What is the situation? Where is my BAT? It is neither in my Desktop balance or in my Uphold account.

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2 weeks now and I’m still waiting for my BAT too… They transferred me only 10% of my iOS balance…
3-4 posts on this forum, trying to contact moderation… no news.

Yes I also contacted a mod over three days ago but have not even received a response. This is completely unacceptable. I want what I earned and for them to be silent is infuriating.

We’ve been posting responses as frequently as possible. I’ll share one here as well.

Several users found that when they initiated their QR transfer of rewards, only a portion of their rewards arrived on the desktop wallet. We were able to find the bug which caused this, and had it fixed shortly after discovering the issue. The fix prevents other users from experiencing the same issue, but doesn’t resolve the issue for those already impacted.

Step 2 of the solution is to restore the remaining rewards for all impacted users; this is what we’re working on now. Fortunately, there is a clear record ofwho had what, which means no rewards were lost. We hope to have this step completed within the next couple of weeks.

I hope this helps! Please do let us know if there are any questions.

I’d be happy to look into your specific case, @nicojose010915. Please send me a personal message at your convenience to proceed.

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