iOS Rewards Transfer More transparency needed

Hi, yes the Transfer worked for me, within a few minutes.
BUT i did only get a part of my bat Transfered - looks like it was The earning of the first month. But where is the rest of my wallet?


@steeven can you please have a look at this issue?
I successfully transferred BAT from my iPAD to my Browser/Uphold account. But i only received a small ammount, which might be the earnings of the first month, if i remember correctly.

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Hi @uau46674, did you receive the remainder of the balance?

no, i did not receive the remainder. Transfer was made on the 19th December
What i just saw in rewards-internats, last entry is “promotion_corrupted_migrated2”
I also have an iphone sitting here to be migrated - should i wait for an update?

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Hi @steeven,
happy new year to you.
Do you have any update for this issue?
What should i do with the iPhone? Still wait or transfer?

Hi @uau46674, a dev is working to complete a handful of remaining transfers. This should be done by Monday.

@steeven Thanks for the Update. So wait for the other devices?

Hi @steeven, sorry to ask again, but i still did not get the remaining transfer. is there any update on it?

Thanks for following up @uau46674, checking with the team on this.

Thank you for your patience here. Can you send me the wallet ID linked to your computer and iOS device? We’re currently working on a solution for this.

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