Lost all of my BAT when doing the one time transfer

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.22.1 (

Mobile Device details iPhone 8, iOS 14.4

Additional Information:

I had the notification that I could do a one time transfer of the BAT in my wallet to a main address by scanning the QR code on my PC. I scanned the code and sent the funds, where it said they should show up on my main wallet within a few hours or days, I don’t remember which. However, it has been around 2 weeks now and none of the ~110 BAT ever showed up in my wallet. I have tried check my wallet balance on iOS but I can not find it anywhere, and trying brave://rewards-internals does not take me anywhere on my phone, but on my PC it only shows the BAT I earned on the desktop.

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I have the exact same issue. Someone please help.

Same issue for me here.

Looking into this issue – apologies for the lack of response. I do appreciate your patience.

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Eager to see this issue resolved. Thank you for working on it.

@Jose77 ,
Can you please send your wallet payment ID found on your desktop’s brave://rewards-internals page?

I’m having the same issue and can see the missing bat in the rewards view. Could you share an email address or DM I can send a screenshot to get this resolved please?

Hi, @Girlfrommars, are you having an issue with transferring Brave Rewards from your iOS/ iPad?
Please read Support’s thread on this issue and follow the instructions.

It was updated today.


Hello, should I dm this to you?

Hi, @Jose77, you should DM it to Mattches :slight_smile:

Thanks for your guidance, just did it

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You’re welcome, and good luck :crossed_fingers:

they havent fixed anything and probably arent worried about people losing their bat. its been months with no resolve. im missing 180 bat

I’m missing 94. Currently working it out with support, hoping for a quick resolution. Have you DM’d support?

yeah was and then they went silent and ignore me now. been months and nothing. pretty much bs. brave is just another browser without the rewards system and it doesnt work

Seems like you were right… I have had no response now for nearly a month.

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