Lost all of my BAT when doing the one time transfer

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.22.1 (

Mobile Device details iPhone 8, iOS 14.4

Additional Information:

I had the notification that I could do a one time transfer of the BAT in my wallet to a main address by scanning the QR code on my PC. I scanned the code and sent the funds, where it said they should show up on my main wallet within a few hours or days, I don’t remember which. However, it has been around 2 weeks now and none of the ~110 BAT ever showed up in my wallet. I have tried check my wallet balance on iOS but I can not find it anywhere, and trying brave://rewards-internals does not take me anywhere on my phone, but on my PC it only shows the BAT I earned on the desktop.

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I have the exact same issue. Someone please help.

Same issue for me here.

Looking into this issue – apologies for the lack of response. I do appreciate your patience.

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Eager to see this issue resolved. Thank you for working on it.

@Jose77 ,
Can you please send your wallet payment ID found on your desktop’s brave://rewards-internals page?

I’m having the same issue and can see the missing bat in the rewards view. Could you share an email address or DM I can send a screenshot to get this resolved please?

Hi, @Girlfrommars, are you having an issue with transferring Brave Rewards from your iOS/ iPad?
Please read Support’s thread on this issue and follow the instructions.

It was updated today.

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Hello, should I dm this to you?

Hi, @Jose77, you should DM it to Mattches :slight_smile:

Thanks for your guidance, just did it

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You’re welcome, and good luck :crossed_fingers: