How to sat Brave new tab to custom website URL?

I’m trying to make my Brave homepage open up on a specific website URL so I can build a better habit out of visiting it. If I recall correctly, Chromium allowed you to do this at some point, but I can’t figure it out on Brave.

I found this in the settings, but it doesn’t seem to work for a specific URL:

Thanks for the browser, and keep up the good work!

The best I can find is “On Startup” that opens a specific set of pages. Hopefully there’s an extension I can use that will do what I want, though…

First you have to turn on home button in toolbar.

You have to set custom URL as URL for the home button.

That site will open always when you open new tab. (if it’s set to homepage)

If you don’t like home button in toolbar, you can turn it back off, custom URL will still open in new tab pages.

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