Make homepage open when creating new tab with Android browser

I’m using Android mobile and I’m unable to set my homepage and new tab page as the same thing.

I want my homepage to open up every time I open a new tab but it doesn’t allow me to set it up like that.

I have a custom URL as my homepage but the only way to see the homepage is if I hit the home button.

So everytime I open a new tab I have to hit the home button after that to get to the homepage, so it’s a two step process rather than one.

Within the settings there’s an area for “homepage” and “new tab page” but it doesn’t have anything to make it how I want.

Is this not possible with brave mobile?


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Get started

Profile name and icon

Import bookmarks and settings

Brave is your default browser

Brave is already pinned

On startup

Open the New Tab page

Continue where you left off

Open a specific page or set of pages

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