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Wen I bookmark a site it automatically saves it to the last folder used which is a complete pain. How do I revert to the original behaviour please?

Yeah, just discovered this as well…What a PAIN IN THE ASS!..This is worse than their last “update” that changed the format of where to save bookmarks…I think, for me, this is the death of my using Brave…Time to find another, more “user friendly” browser to use…Not everything has to be new/improved just because some programmer thought it was a good idea…I mean, were users actually asking for these changes?..I bet not!!!..But I’m done!!!

Hey found this on reddit and it seems like it works just need to put in address bar, disable the option and relaunch browser. brave://flags/#simplified-bookmark-save-flow

Thanks!..but nope…at least it didn’t work for me…Enabled this option, restarted browser…no change…

no you must disable the option

Can you guys please fix this Bookmark issue? No way I’m going to keep taking the extra steps to go back to edit it so it saves to the filder I want every time I Bookmark something. That’s not the only annoying thing about this. It also sometimes when I click the edit button to move the bookmark it just flashes like a strobe, and won’t let me proceed.

I Found A Workaround.

Just double ckick the Bookmark Button, and the correct dropdown will display. Let me know if this works for anyone else.

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Yes! its working that way. ! Thanks

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