New Bookmark functionality is horrible

When selecting the “Bookmark this tab” icon, a pop-up now appears that says “Bookmark added.” 1) it does not let me select from recent folders as before 2) it is now multiple clicks (as many as six if you have many folders and have to scroll). 3) for anyone who bookmarks pages frequently, this is a BIG STEP BACKWARDS. I can’t conceive of a use case wherein this new approach saved effort. Please make this feature configurable.


We have an open issue for this:

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Is there some flag or something to set to make it like the way it was before?

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Answer: Go to flags, find this flag:


Disable it.

thaaaaanks I really would have just lived with it if i hadn’t scrolled far enough. Now long shot but do you know how to implement autofill from the keychain in Brave for ios?

Thanks to all for raising the issue (sorry I didn’t find it before posting). And thanks for the fix.

Since the last update this flag no longer exists and we’re stuck with the problem.

Honestly this is getting out of hand, it’s like they do this on purpose to show us they hate us, which is a common theme for companies to hate their own users, so I get it in a dark humor kind of way.

“They” being Chrome.
Maybe Brave will fix it, as they did with YouTube ads?

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