How to restore older brave wallet with 16 words

I have a 16 word recovery phrase that I create in Brave’s software years ago and it contains some BAT.
However, I am trying to restore it on the current Brave software but see that others have had the same problem as the current version of Brave is not compatible with the older 16-word mnemonics. I didn’t see any solutions in related posts, so I am posting here to ask:
1) how can I restore access to my BAT using the 16 words that the older version of the Brave software created for me?
2) what other methods exist to restore the wallet? (i.e. is there some advanced option in the current version of brave for the older wallet 16-word recovery phrases?
3) are there any other options?

P.S. the options shown on brave://wallet/ do not work for 16-word mnemonics.

Thank you.

@Mattches can you help in this thread?

Thank you for reaching out – let me confirm a couple things with the Rewards team first to make sure I give you the right info. Appreciate your patience.

It appears that one of our developers created an app that will convert your 16-word code to the now accepted 24-word BIP-39 phrase. Tool can be found here:

Thank you so much, I am looking at this solution now and will give it a try. I imagine it will convert the niceware mnemonic back to its original entropy in binary and then use that to create a new BIP39 mnemonic, from what I can deduce from that page. Either way, I will try now and hope it works, thanks!

The solution ended up working, I was able to save that webpage as an offline .html file *( and run it offline and it converted the 16 words to 24. Thank you for helping to resolve this.

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You’re very welcome – real thanks goes to @sampson who wrote the tool himself :slight_smile:

Good idea saving it for offline use, @SHATZAKIS. I hadn’t considered that option :slightly_smiling_face:

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