Dismissed Restore Button Now What?

How to restore session when after crash brave window with “restore” button is closed?

Version 1.15.72 Chromium: 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hello @scientist888

go to menu then history menu then you will find open 7 tabs or any number those will be the last opened tabbed before the crash

also you can go to brave://history/ then search for them one by one in the history

This doesn’t help. I’m talking about restoring many window instances with hundreds of tabs. What you suggest does not show prior sessions. I see only a few web pages. This was a session that was open for weeks, with many many brave instances (expanding from task bar at bottom of screen), hundreds if not thousands of open tabs.

Re: your suggestion to “then search for them one by one in the history”, this is impossible. Also, for the following reasons: the shear number/quantity of pages, no date indicated for each web page to even try to place the time period, no groupings with instances.

I asked about the Restore, not one by one.

Is it possible to manually restore the files if Brave at this point cannot do it automatically?

that very interesting to keep hundreds of tabs opened

you can google for restoring last session using chrome since it work for chrome it will work for brave

there a flag in the command line called --restore-last-session but as i said earlier did you start brave after the crash or not

check this https://superuser.com/questions/341068/how-can-i-load-my-last-tabs-into-chrome-using-last-tabs-last-session-files

and there a file related to the last session you will need to google for it

and notice the result from this is not always the same cause it depend on the file if it totaly corrupted or not there some tools also search for google can open it

and if you find away then after it work bookmarks all those tabs and arrange them into folder and from time to time export those bookmarks to save them

I take it you’re not from Brave?

Are you just searching Google for this or do you actually know this will work for Brave?

Managed to find the path to the Brave files, it’s under the C: User directory, not in C: Programs.

Anyway, in copying that folder I noticed it would not complete due to a “Session_” file being open. In searching that folder directory for “Session” to have a look at these session files, I notice that there are only now two, along with two “Tabs_” files, located or residing in of course, a “Sessions” folder.

What concerns me is that from looking at the time stamps of the files, they are all AFTER the crash of the browser and the dismissal of the restore button. Which would lead me to believe that there may not be a prior copy somewhere. In searching for “copy” and “back” under the Brave Browser User Local folder structure, there are no results.

Does anyone have any actual experience with this? Rather than providing half answers or “go search Google”.

i am not from brave i am just user like you

brave core is built on chrome so the core browser functionality is the same as chrome

that why any command that work for chrome will work for brave

and as i said earlier all this depend on the state of the last session file

I understand, but I’d rather not play around with “try this” or “try that”, I’d rather someone respond that actualy knows and says, “do this” or “do that” to get it to work, and not jeopardize losing the data. Does that make sense? Though I appreciate your feedback for the Chrome functionality, at least in theory.

good luck :slight_smile:

Is ther a “Last” Session_ or Tab_ file?

Is the safety measure for this is really only as simple as Brave making running copies of these stored in dated and timed folders (i.e., for each instance opened, all instances, once a day, a week, or more than once a day) rather than writing over or discarding and creating new ones each time Brave launches or the Restore button is dismissed, and that not being done? A user could simply revist those folders and copy the file back into the Session folder to remedy? Say it isn’t so.

How basic can this be from a Browser user data protection measure and integrity point of view?

Note to all Brave users: regularly back up these Sesion_ and Tab_ files, and if you have many running instances of Brave and don’t have time to bookmark the Web pages, either one tab at a time or by the entire window of tabs, grab these files and save them instead.

The only issue is what is the significance of the string of numbers after the underscore for the two files each? I notice the first seven numbers are identicle and paired to each set of files,



The silence on this what should be a seemingly easy solve is deafening.

Actually didn’t realize Brave was just a copy of Chrome when first trying it out.

Over at Google, they somewhat confirm what I just posted, two links for all to consider:

Notice that launching several instances after the crash and dismissal of the Restore button, seems to, at least initially, make it impossible to Restore anything again. This is fatal, and very unnattractive. Also, in the Google posts, it references a “Last” and “Current”, which Brave has neither, only a “Session”.

Thanks for reaching out. You clearly only want a solution that’s ready to go, not to try/troubleshoot things. So I’m discussing this issue with a team member to confirm the steps you should take.

Appreciate your patience.

No problem troubleshooting or contributing in any way I can, just dont want to jeopardize the data on my active system…

For anyone interested in researching this further:

Enter “restore session” many many results / posts.

first i mentioned that earlier

second @Mattches is brave team member and he trying to help you
and he said

so he is not trying to give you any random answer despite there many factor going here the worst one is the possibility of corrupted files

i hope you take my next words with open mind

no app is secure from errors that why we need backup

so for example what would we do if we get issue in our hard drive then we would loose the data there even we would not be able to copy the profile data in that case

and last i really wish you get back your session and it work fine and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Taking a break from this problem to watch / catch the rest of Apple’s livestream event on the new iPhone 12…

From the looks of it it may not be possible to recover those exact sessions. That said, renaming the Sessions folder to Last Session and putting it in the relevant profile directory and relaunching the browser may fix this issue. If you do try this, I would recommend making a backup of the Session folder first.

Additionally, since you seem fairly adept, if you want to look inside those files to see if they even hold the data you’re hoping to get back, you can use a hex editor to view the data inside.

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