Help restoring a session after rebooting macbook

After forced restart of MacBook, Brave comes up without the 15-odd tabs in 6 windows of the previous session. I see this topic, but I don’t understand the solution: cmd-shift-t is reopen last closed tab, but I’m looking to restore for a whole multi-window session. The text “mouse pointer on history, sidebar, recently closed or restore recent session” doesn’t make sense to me. Can someone ELI5 please? Also, this topic does not seem to be addressed in the help.

Hi @fernly, thanks for reaching out,
Yes cmd+shift+t will open the last closed tab, however if you quit brave and reopen brave, hitting cmd+shift+t will open all the closed tabs.

Clicking menu in the top right, then going to history will give you the open to reopen all the closed tabs, e.g. here you can see I have the option to restore 3 tabs after I quit and reopened Brave.

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