How to relink brave to uphold account, i unlinked by mistake

how to relink brave to uphold account, i unlinked by mistake. ive not got a verified account yet. but when i log on to uphold brave is gone, when i check brave rewards i still have my BAT. any idea how i relink it?


When you open the Verification tab, click on the Lion Icon and disable it.

i cant see it, the shield is down but still not working. i need to relink it somehow

What exactly is happening?

Is it stuck in an infinite loop of asking for authentication, or do you have a different issue?

i unlinked it in my uphold account by mistake, now i cant relink it through brave, it says i need a minimum of 15 BAT even though i have 100s. my uphold account is not verified yet if that makes a difference

@ew1981 You can only link a verified Uphold account with browser wallet. After verifying your Uphold account, you can link it with Brave even if you don’t have 15 BATs.

Just to confirm, from what I can tell @Aman_M is correct here.

this is the issue i am having, i uploaded a video to better explain it

I get what’s wrong…
Go to
And logoff from there
Also, logoff from this site:

If that doesn’t fix the issue try this:

Delete all the cookies of Uphold from the settings.
It shall help you fix it.

hi, i tried it but still the same, also in the brave settings i can see uphold under always allowed cookies but it will not let me delete it. its greyed out, please see link for screenshot

@ew1981 I think your Uphold account is not verified or verification is pending. Can you share a screenshot of

Does it show something like this-

my account is not verified yet as i do not have photo ID. will that make a difference? if so do you think i could link my brave to a friends uphold account?

Yes totally. You can link only verified Uphold account with browser wallet.

It’s possible. You can try.

In how much time were you able to earn 138 BAT coins?

Before November, Brave used to give 20 BATs for free each month on phones and also it was 0.1 BAT for each ad. So he must have used at that time.

I signed up for Brave just under two years ago. I’ve had it pay out over 40 BAT in one month before. But the normal was around 20-26. I have a few months where I got over 30 BAT. I have accumulated 440 now but they won’t show in my Uphold wallet. Lately I have been getting around 3-8 BAT for a month. Brave has put 11.7 BAT in my uphold account. I wish I knew how to get them all. No help from either Brave, or Uphold. Uphold tells me that I need to work directly with Brave, and Brave will not respond.

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