Problem Linking Accounts Brave/Uphold

Hi, @steeven I have a problem linking my brave rewards with Uphold, the thing is that I created two accounts in Uphold long time ago, then linked brave rewards with the first one created, which was my main account in Uphold, long time past, I tried to enter Uphold and ended up entering my second account, which was in “0” so i freaked out thinking that i was hacked or something, well it was my second account created with my main email, so I asked Uphold to transfer all the funds from my first Uphold account, to my second Uphold acc created with my main e-mail since It was easier to remember it and then delete my firstly created Uphold acc. My issue is that i tried to linkup my Brave rewards account with my Main and now only Uphold account, and it seems that i can’t because i already linked up my Brave rewards to my Firstly created and now deleted Uphold acc, Is there a way to restore this link thing and hopefully link my Uphold account?

Windows 11, v1.58.135 (Menu --> About Brave)

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold)

YES ( for list of supported regions)

If all your BAT is already in your new Uphold account, you can go into brave://rewards and then Reset Brave Rewards. Then, you can connect your new Uphold account to your new Rewards profile.

No! sorry about my delay response, the thing is I have like 22 Bat’s waiting to be claimed to my uphold which was already linked with the other acc… which was deleted by Uphold support… I have Gemini also but is no longer supported in my country.

@steeven please help, is there a chance that you could unlink my previous and erased Uphold acc from your end so I can link my browser with my newest acc?

Would you mind submitting your issue here and we can investigate? Thanks!

Thank you!! Just did it!

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