How to recover sync code after changing boot drives?

To preface, I just got a new cpu and motherboard from a cyber monday deal, as well as a new ssd boot drive for a fresh windows install. With the computer all setup with the upgrades and slowly transferring over data and reinstalling programs, I’m currently needing help on how to recover my old Brave data. I still have my old boot drive with all the original data untouched, and my bookmarks have carried over but nothing else. I don’t think have the key recorded anywhere other than in the application itself. What are my options for recovering my data? To add a bit more, while I was juggling around data transfer, I was running off my old boot drive last night somehow, with all my usual tabs and such, till I got the new drive setup fully and the other boot drive is just connected for data.

I should also add that none of my extensions carried over as well.

Probably you could use the old drive to boot and save the sync phrase and sync it to the new installation of Brave.
@Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige could have better ideas than me.

What SmartyAadi has suggested should work. Alternatively, if you have access to your app data folder in your old drive, you can just move the entire Brave-Browser folder from there to your current app data directory.

Location of Brave-Browser folder: %localappdata%/BraveSoftware

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I’ll see if the app data does the trick. I hope it does because the other option is a good one but it’ll be kind of a pain for me to try and bring up again.

So I did that and it converted over most of my stuff. Didn’t bring up my old tabs or passwords though (which I think the latter is a bit more important). Also wanted me to reset my settings due to corrupted syncing.

Passwords can’t be recovered if you just copy and paste folders, I suppose. That’s because passwords are generally encrypted and can only be unlocked on that storage. @Saoiray had given some similar info earlier. he might be able to clarify stuff out.

Yeah, SmartyAadi is right, passwords don’t move this way. You can try to recover passwords from Login data file with a 3rd party tool as per this post-

But the secure way would be to reboot the drive and export/sync from there.

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I didn’t bother trying the 3rd party tool, figured it would be easier to access the boot drive (which that led down a rabbit hole of further investigation to get running) but with all that is said and done I was able to recover the sync key. Wasn’t able to get my open tabs back since it didn’t want to recognize the other device while it was “off” but I have my passwords and was able to import my tabs with session manager. So it seems everything for Brave has been recovered for the most part!

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